Nice to meet you


About Daniëlle

As a child I played outside a lot. I’ve always wanted to explore, see what’s behind the next bend. I did that by going out with my rubber boat, on the canal nearby home. I took some drink and food with me, so I could stay away longer. Eventually I had to turn around and paddle back home.
What I also liked doing is “hutje bouwen”, as we called it (building a tent). Together with my sister and brother, we took some blankets and sheets, went to the garden, and hung them over the swing. Or we crept under the dining table with some games and candy, to “live” there for a while. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had the urge to go and see for myself. Don’t wait until my retirement, dreaming life away, but take my chances now. While I know I’m still alive. So when I finished my study I went to Australia to visit a friend and travel together for a month. I had never been on a plane before, but that didn’t stop me.
When I had saved enough money I made another dream come true. I got my motorcycle drivers license and bought a Suzuki SV650n. More range to explore the world and in 2005, a few months after I passed the test, I rode the bike to Germany and Luxembourg. It tasted like more!
Through the years I’ve seen Australia, South Africa, Western United States, West Canada, China, big parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. Some countries alone, some with friends and since 2007 mostly with Klaas. Some countries with public transport, others with car, motorbike or even bicycle.

My professional life I wasn’t so sure about. The only thing I knew, it had to be in a hospital. I was interested in the human body. I didn’t want to study to become a doctor or nurse, but I chose to be an x-ray technician, even though I knew I wouldn’t do that until the age of 65. So after about six years I went on a sabbatical for half a year, to figure out what I wanted to do for a living. Of course, when I came back, I still didn’t know. But I did enjoy the journey to the United States and Canada.
After about two years I eventually made the switch from taking the x-ray, to repairing the machines and taking care of maintenance. But I stayed restless. When I became tired of that I decided I needed to do things differently and in December 2016 I went on an adventure into my heart, instead of the outdoors. One morning during that week in Spain, I could feel myself flying over the hills, into the world and I started dreaming. During the summer of 2018 I said to Klaas: “I’m going to travel, would you like to come with me?” And luckily he said yes right away. From that moment on we started dreaming together and May 3rd we left for the motorcycle ride of our lives. With a tent of cour

About Klaas

When everybody goes right, I always wonder why should I ? I often go left, just because I can. 
Always choosing my own path, even at a young age. Whether it was with the wooden cart, that my father build when I was a child, the moped I wanted when I turned 16, or the car when I turned 18. I always liked the extra speed that came along and it also felt like I was expanding my freedom with every new vehicle.
Even more freedom when I started riding a motorbike. First a short ride in the neighborhood. But soon the rides became longer to explore the rest of Europe. When I was travelling I also started dreaming about a very long ride around the world. So when Daniëlle asked me to join her on her journey, it was a no-brainer for me.

Years ago I also started another journey.
The one to find myself and understand better who I am. Not having a real goal makes this continuous inner-journey sometimes difficult. But every now and then I discover something new about myself and makes it all worth the effort.

Our trip to Southeast Asia will definitely help me to reveal one or more features about myself. I don’t know how or when, but I am sure it will.
And when nothing goes right, I will definitely go left. 😉