Budapest to Greece

The last 2 weeks we rode from Budapest (Hungary) through Romania and Bulgaria to Greece.

In Hungary we still had rain. Daniëlles rainpants were not waterproof, so we stopped early to dry up.

Next day was better. We only took a small ride, because we wanted to visit Timișoara. A very nice town with a relaxed atmosphere.
After Timișoara I became ill and we stayed on a campsite for 3 days, where I almost didn’t do anything and Daniëlle went out for a hike and the next day for a bicycleride to see some waterfalls.
We still had some rain in Romania, but according to some other riders it could have been a lot worse. We wanted to do the Transalpina pass, but it was still closed, due to the bad weather. 

And Transfăgărășan pass was also closed (opens beginning of July) but we could still do the lower part of the Transfăgărășan. It is a very beautiful pass and it is very nice to ride it, although we haven’t seen the best part yet. Good reason to come back in the future when the Transfăgărășan is open.

We also thought that the Transfăgărășan would be good road to test our action cam and so we did. When we started recording, we were very lucky, because after a few minutes we saw a brown bear crossing the street. Okay it was only a young brown bear, but we saw one and we caught it on camera. This video was definitely to be put on our website. We made some more videos, but the brown-bear-video couldn’t be topped.

When you want to go from Romania to Bulgaria, you have to cross the Danube (Donau). We could choose for a border crossing with a bridge, but we decided we wanted to do a ferry-border-crossing, which was the closest anyway. But there were some uncertain aspects. It was a bank-holiday in Bulgaria, so we didn’t know if the ferry would go and if the ferry goes, it only goes once every 1,5 hour. But when we arrived at the border, our timing couldn’t have been better. We had a quick passportcheck at the Romanian border, where we could already see the ferry. They were just loading the last truck on the ferry and they were waving at us, that we had to hurry up. I got onto the ferry first and the minute Daniëlles rear wheel got onto the ferry, it left for Bulgaria. The mini-cruise on the Danube only took about 15 minutes and at the Bulgarian side we were allowed to get of first. We just paid for the ferry and had again a quick passportcheck at the Bulgarian border.

The next 4 days we stayed at MotoCamp Bulgaria in Idilevo.


When you are in the area with your motorbike, you should definitely go there. A very nice and warming motocamp, with very friendly and helpful owners, where we met bikers from different countries and some other talking monkeys 😉 and Sofie of course, the neighbour from MotoCamp whom we already met at Discover Overland in Ulicoten (Holland). We relaxed for some days, just reading a book and doing some sightseeing in the neighbourhood.
Also time for Daniëlle to adjust the play in the steering head bearing. And also a good moment to upload some videos. But due to some security settings I couldn’t upload large files. So I chatted with my provider, whether they could fix the problem. Eventually they did, but then it was already late, so I just uploaded one video. The video that we left in Holland.
And since the rainpants of Daniëlle couldn’t be repared, Polly from MotoCamp helped to order a new one, which we could pick up in Sevlievo when we left.

We went to Batak in the south of Bulgaria. On the way to Batak we lost our actioncam, because the plastic holder just snapped and we both didn’t see it coming off. So that’s a bummer, because with the actioncam we also lost the video with the brown bear ;-(((
On our way to Batak we managed to make a shaky video with our fotocamera from an offroadtrack which we took.

At the campsite in Batak we met Jan, a fellow motorbiker from Belgium on a Kawasaki Versys who was already going back home from his trip around the Black Sea. We asked him to join us for dinner and Jan took care of the alcoholic liquids. And he even was so kind to give us his Turkish simcard 🙂


Today we left Bulgaria via some beautiful curvy roads in the Rodope mountains and ended up in Lydia (Greece)

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