To drive or not to drive(rslicence)?

At some point we checked all of our cards, documents, insurance, etc. for expiry dates. Somehow my driverslicence slipped through and in the first days of April I discovered that my driverslicence would expire in october 2019, so I had to extend it.
Since I am registered as a non-residant, it was not so easy to extended my driverslicence. Normally it takes 5 working days. Now it took around 5 weeks ☹️. I tried to speed up the proces so I would have my new driverslincence before I left, but in reality it took a lot of extra paperwork, phonecalls, explanations to civel servants (because they couldn’t or didn’t know how to help me) and on May 3rd I was told that my driverslicence wouldn’t be ready for at least 1 week, so I decided to ride to Budapest without a driverslicence, because I had to hand in my old driverslicence according to the non-residant-procedure.
On May 8th I got a message that my driverslicence would be ready on May 13th. So I bought an airplaneticket from Budapest to Eindhoven. Budapest happened to be in the neighborhood.  I went back to the Netherlands to collect my driverslicence in person.

From now on I can legally resume the journey. So far so good for this bureaucratic adventure.

And every disadvantage has it’s advantage (Johan Cruijff); it is my mothers birthday today, so she was totally flabbergasted to see me in person. I just had enough time to stop by, congratulate her and eat a piece of birthdaycake before my plane went back to Budapest.

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